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How to Stop/Disable Facebook Android App Automatic-Video-Playing?

Written By VKS on Friday, 25 September 2015 | 13:59

How to Turn Off videos autoplay on Facebook?

With the last Facebook update for it's mobile app, they have rolled out auto-play video feature that automatically plays GIFs, Vines and video. By default the setting is set to play video automatically even you are on mobile data. This is something not in favor of users. At least they should have set it to automatic play videos on WiFi. But to help advertisers and gain money Facebook choose the other way-rob its users by auto-playing the advertisers videos ads. On your mobile, these auto-play videos uses a great amount of your mobile data.

To Disable Videos Auto-play on Android:

To disable auto-play videos on Facebook's Android mobile apps tap on the menu i.e. hamburger / three lines on top right corner:
Scroll down and tap on “App Settings”

Tap on “Videos play automatically” which is set to default On

Now, you will see Video Auto-play is ON.  If you wish to run the video automatically on WiFi tap on "Wi-fi only" else tap on "Off"

To Disable Videos Auto-play on iOS

Open your Facebook app on your iPhone/iPad and and tap on 3-line icon also known as hamburger visible at the bottom right corner. Tap on “Settings” and “Account Settings”.  Then tap on “Videos and photos” and select 'Auto-play'. Turn off Smart Auto-Play and either select Never Play Videos Automatically, or if you're worried about data, only allow them when using Wi-Fi.


To Disable Videos Auto-play on PC (Credit:https://www.facebook.com/pal.swarup)

Follow the following simple steps to disable auto play on your PC or click on https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=videos to make changes:

Go to 1) Facebook's Settings --> 2) Videos --> 3) Auto-Play Videos --> Off...
That's all.
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