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#Snappening-Mashable Unearthed Mudit Grover as a Culprit Behind Leaking Snapchat Images

Written By Vineet Singh on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 | 17:03

 Mudit Grover Caught while cashing on The Snappening

Mudit Grover's Facebook Profile
19-year-Mudit Grover, who hails from Jaipur, India is caught by Mashable and made public by an article published on Mashable website for spreading the leaked images of SnapChat. According to Mudit Grover blog, he, is very talented and well versed in computer programing and play with hosting servers. But he wasted his talent to make quick money of the Snappening. He downloaded 13GB of leaked images from the torrent and uploaded in a site TheSnappening.org. He wanted to cash this opportunity through Bitcoins

According to Mashable, the site, which was registered on Friday, has been getting 5 million page views per day since then, with 10,000 visitors "at any given time," according to its alleged creator, a Redditor nicknamed massguru. Massguru is also the moderator of a subreddit dedicated to "The Fappening", the mass hacking of nude celeb photos last month.

In response to Mashable query, Mudit wrote back, "No this is not me, I have no relation with the website you have mentioned above." But after his denial, he made confession directly on the Mashable website, that he wasn't the one who leaked the photos but one who made it easily available for the other users.
Mudit Grover Confession
But Mudit Grover is in serious trouble and can land in a legal case involving international criminal laws. He will need a lawyer soon to get out of this as the collection of Snapchat's leaked photos and videos most likely to be classifieds as child pornography because most of the images are of teens.

Update: While Mudit Grover shut down his site Thesnappening.org, it has been hacked by some Team Danny and posted the contact details of Mudit Grover on the website:

hacked by Team Danny
 (follow us lal)

i'm a dumb indian skid
find me @

Mudit Grover
###, Gala## Star #-#
Cen#### Sp###, Vidyadhar Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan
01412###### (Home)
98296##### (Mobile)

Mudit will have to make lots of effort to overcome this. He might become the victim himself as there would be many who are following him over the Internet to get more personal details about him.
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