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Indian Railways CRIS's National Train Enquiry System(NTES) App for Android Windows Phone

Written By VKS on Friday, 25 April 2014 | 00:32

National Train Enquiry System(NTES) App for Windows OS Based Phones

NTES APP for Windows Phone, Image Credits windowsphone.com

Good news for Windows Phone users, Indian Railways has finally launched an official app for Indian travellers. The app known as National Train Enquiry System, in short NTES app, is developed by Centre for Railway information systems (CRIS). We all are using IRCTC.co.in developed and maintained by CRIS. The IRCTC website many times become too slow but it has paved a new stone in online reservation for Indian Internet user base.

I have been using the mobile site version of NTES and I am impressed by their features. I love their spot your train feature and it's gives +_10% accurateness.

Coming back to NTES app, it provides train-running related and real-time status queries for all trains of India. Through the app you can get following informations about the Indian Railways' running train:

Spot Your Train Through NTES APP-  This features allow any user to search train via train number and get running information about the train from or to a specific train station stop. It provides Expected Arrival and Departure Time, Scheduled Arrival and Departure Time, Delay in Arrival and Departure and the update featuring last station the train departed from.

Spot Your Train National Train Enquiry System App by CRIS India

Live Station Through NTES APP: This feature has been in the railway station for quite a time. Earlier we need to do manual enquiry of train running time, currently through display board and now through this app. This Live Station feature provides at any station in next 2 or 4 at any station in next 2 or 4 hrs.

Live Station National Train Enquiry System App

Train Schedule Through NTES APP - This feature gives entire schedule of a train with the stoppages and its scheduled arrival/ departure at the station, distance and day count.

Train Schedule National Train Enquiry System App CRIS India

Trains Between Station Through NTES APP: Through this feature travellers can find out the list of all trains running and have stoppage between any two stations.

Trains Between Stations National Train Enquiry System App CRIS India

Cancelled Trains Through NTES APP: This feature display trains which are cancelled either through the entire route or which are cancelled on partial route.

Cancelled Trains National Train Enquiry System App CRIS India

Rescheduled Trains Through NTES APP: The feature displays trains that are rescheduled along with the timings, train number and name.

Rescheduled Trains National Train Enquiry System App CRIS India

The app also provide information about trains that are Diverted through any reason.

Indian Railways is planning to bring this app on other mobile OS soon. So, users of Android or iOS don't get sad and envy the Windows Phone users. Hope so, CRIS will launch this app for BlackBerry phone users also. But chances are glim that it will be launched for BB OS.

Download NTES APP: CRIS Launched the Free NTES APP for Android OS

The much awaited app for Indian Android users, National Train Enquiry System Android App has been launched by CRIS. To download free app from the Google Play Store, click NTES for Android OS.

Here, are some of the screen shots of the Android version:
Home Screen of NTES Android App

Train Schedule for NTES Android App

Live Station List on NTES Android App

Spot Your Train on NTES Android App

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